Kevin Conley

Born in the mountains of eastern Kentucky, Kevin began singing in church services at the age of two. His love of Gospel Music was fostered early in life thanks to his parents, Jim and Sharon Conley. They would take him to Southern Gospel concerts where he would sing along with the groups, his favorite being The Inspirations.

Being so young, Kevin would have to stand on a stool that was kept under the pulpit when he sang in his home church, Little Paint First Church of God. There his appreciation of the songs of the Church grew even deeper thanks to dedicated individuals in the congregation. Jerry Meek led the congregational singing and his wife Barb was the pianist. Bonnie Hughes led the children’s music.

At one particular camp meeting, Kevin was asked to sing. When he went up to the platform, Barb asked Kevin which song he would like for her to play. Upon hearing the request, Barb informed Kevin that she was not familiar with the particular song. 

Kevin responded by saying, “That’s okay, just do what I do.”

Barb just smiled and did exactly that.

Kevin continued singing throughout his childhood and into his teenage years. That was when he met two of his best friends, brothers Herb and Chris Stapleton. They began singing together as a trio. Herb is now a FBI Agent and Chris lives in Nashville and has written numerous Number 1 songs for some of the biggest names in Country Music.

 Kevin began dating his future wife, Angela Dawn Browning, in high school. She rekindled his love for Southern Gospel Music and became one of the biggest musical influences in his life.

 During college, Kevin started his own Southern Gospel Quartet called Sounds of Praise. Members included Tim Case, Tom Crider and future brother-in-law, Marcus Conley. They recorded two projects, “In The Beginning” and “The Lamb Cried Out”.

Following College, Kevin and Angela were married in 1996. They have two boys, Dillon (17) and Drew (12). After marriage, Kevin and Angela began serving at youth pastors at Little Paint First Church of God in East Point, KY.

In 1998, Kevin began singing tenor with Lighthouse, a Southern Gospel Quartet based in Lebanon, OH. Members included John Stone (Lead), Tim Bench (Baritone), David Griffith (Bass), Mark Wood (Bass Guitar), Roy Webb (Piano) and Willie Smiddy (Manager/Sound Tech). After the departure of Tim, Doug Anderson joined the group as the baritone.

Kevin recorded two projects with Lighthouse, “Freedom” in 1999 and “Carry The Cross” in 2000.

After three years with Lighthouse, Kevin left the group to spend more time with his young family. He and Angela resumed their role as youth pastors at their church.

Some members of Lighthouse moved on to be part of one of the most dynamic groups in Southern Gospel Music. Doug Anderson assumed the Baritone position with Ernie Haase and Signature Sound, and Roy Webb became their pianist. David Griffith was hired as their bus driver and sound tech.

Kevin began singing with a group of guys at Little Paint and formed The Little Paint Quartet. Kevin still sings with this group today. Group Members include Larry Brown (Lead), Dewey Sammons, who replaced David Ellis as baritone, and Randy Tincher (Bass).

The group just finished their first project, “Almost Home”, last year and is currently working on their second project, which is scheduled for release in the spring of 2014.

Kevin currently serves a Minister of Music at Little Paint and recently finished his debut solo project, “My Reality”. It was released in February of 2015.